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Customer Gathering with ACS Group - 2018
Customer Gathering with ACS Group - 2018

Customer Gathering with ACS Group - 2018

September 16, 2018

ACS Group with principals held customer gathering events at three major customers and at different times. This event was held with the aim to strengthen cooperation, better understand their internal needs and provide appropriate solutions for those needs and provide information on the latest product updates and solutions.
In September 2018 ACS Group with Honeywell held a customer gathering event in the office of one of our cutomers who is engaged in the largest heavy equipment sector in Indonesia, the company has used hundreds of Honeywell label printer units. In this event a short training was held to provide additional knowledge and tips & tricks about the products of PM42 & PD43 Honeywel label printers that they have used. This event received a positive and enthusiastic response from all staff who are involved in the daily use of these two types of Honeywell label printer products. In addition to training, Honeywell also delivered other latest product updates that are possible to be implemented in this company.

In October 2018 at The Royale Krakatau Hotel - ACS Group in collaboration with HITA (Hotel Information Technology Association) Tanggerang Banten chapter held a Customer Gathering to equip the knowledge of all HITA members about Fortinet technology solutions as a provider of integrated and high-performance security equipment against threats dynamic security. Fortinet's mainstay is FortiGate®. A security platform that offers a strong blend of ASIC-accelerated protection, response to integrated multi-threats, and continuous updates and deep threat intelligence. The company can also complete solutions with array management, analysis, e-mail, database and end-point security.
On that occasion they were also introduced to the Nutanix Enterprise Cloud OS platform which has scalability and efficient IT management to offset the rapid development of the business.
Nutanix is ​​able to answer today's CIO needs, namely:
- How to make applications and portable data, can move between clouds more easily and even though placed in private cloud, can still enjoy the benefits offered by public cloud.
- How to facilitate management from one central place, not having to send different technicians to distant places because the operational costs will be expensive.
- How to plan and finance a more measured and efficient data center system in October 2018

On the same month at Hotel Mercure - Jakarta, ACS Group with Honeywell and one of the major customers engaged in the FMCG industry (Fast Moving Consumer Goods) in Indonesia held this gathering again. All of the company's staff get info on product updates about Honeywell mobile computers, label printers and other products as well as security solutions from Honeywell Security which discusses about enterprise CCTV and Access Control.

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