Software Package

Software Package

    Increase Productivity with Software

    Our solutions come from specific industrial requirements such automotive, pharmaceutical, retail, distribution and many more. In addition, we have also developed a general-management asset tracking tools that will surely solve your operational needs. Browse through the following data sheets and schedule a demo immediately!

    Laundry Tracking System (LTS)

    Laundry Tracking System (LTS) is the latest software made by ACS Group to maintain hotel and laundry service provider, calculate and take care of laundry using RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) system to get more accurate return.



    Asset Management Tracking System (AMTS)

    Asset Management Tracking System (AMTS) is a custom software for tracking, managing and reporting around office assets. AMTS is made by ACS Group and made ready to install and operate. The AMTS package includes mobile barcode scanners, barcode desktop printers, license and one-time installations in Jabodetabek. Please download the data sheet for the full feature and contact us for an appointment schedule.


    Gate Access System-Vehicle (GAS-V)

    Gate Access System Vehicle (GAS-V) is custom software made for inspection of work-in-progress items in the automotive sector using CCTV, Barcode, RFID, software and biometric sensors. This solution has been tested in one of the largest car companies and motorcycles in the world in its area around Jabodetabek. Please download the data sheet and contact us immediately for the GAS-V pro


    Stability Program (StabPro)

    Stability Program Management (STAB-PRO) is a custom software for quality inspection of foods and medicines that are important to all of us. This software is integrated with temperature sensor, humidity and PH level. This information system is successfully used by one of the largest pharmaceutical companies in Indonesia and can be used by anyone who makes food products and medicines. Please download the data-sheet for the full feature and contact us immediately.


    Stock Keeper (STCK)

    Stock Keeper (STCK) is a custom software for managing fast moving inventory assets. This package includes handheld terminal for scanning of goods. Please download the data sheet and contact us to schedule an appointment.

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