“ACS Group’s performance as a technology partner is excellent. We use the enterprise solutions from ACS Group to ensure that our warehouse operations are running smoothly 24/7. The quality of services, delivery and maintenance of ACS Group makes us very confident in scaling our business even further. We highly recommend ACS Group to provide the latest technologies for logistics and supply chain operations.” (Jakarta, 2019)

Ms. Cindy

Purchasing, PT Global Jet Express

"ACS Group is a professional I.T. partner who provided PT. Indah Jaya Textile with comprehensive asset visibility tools. We rely on ACS Group's technical expertise and dedication to ensure that we are using the right technologies to optimize our business. We highly recommend ACS Group for IT Infrastructure and supply chain visibility solutions." (Jakarta, 2019)

Mr. Sutiyono

IT Network Infrastructure, PT Indah Jaya Textile

“ACS Group provided crucial support for strategic project at GOJEK. Thanks to the RFID system provided by ACS Group, GOJEK was able to distribute our brand new helmets and jackets to all our drivers across Indonesia. We are very satisfied with the dedication and effort of the sales representatives and engineers from ACS Group. We recommend ACS Group for RFID warehouse and inventory & stock management technology solutions." (Jakarta, 2019)

Mr. Andika Bayupati

Regional Strategy COE, PT GOJEK Indonesia

“ACS Group played a major role in providing the technology behind the Global Manufacturing System (GMS) of PT SGMW Motor Indonesia. Without the hard-work of ACS Group, it would be impossible to open our brand new factory in such a short time. We are very grateful for the dedication of ACS Group. We highly recommend ACS Group for enterprise mobility solutions, enterprise security system and professional I.T. services.” (Cikarang, 2019)

Ms. Bella Gerania

IS&S Manager, PT SGMW Motor Indonesia

Obsesi Man

“ACS Group is a solid technology partner that delivered high-quality software and reliable execution services. Thanks to their expertise and excellent business relations, we were able to get a custom solution to scale our business even further. ACS Group also produced a mutually beneficial marketing campaign that will showcase my business and expand my customer base. For enterprise-level RFID projects, Obsesi Man enthusiastically recommends ACS Group.” (Purwakarta, 2019)

Mr. Mochammad Marwan

Owner, Obsesi Man

“PT Autojaya Idetech & PT Solusi Periferal (ACS Group) has delivered a consistent experience of professionalism over the past 5 years in the provision of wireless network infrastructure for Sekolah Ciputra (Ciputra School). I am comfortable to work with ACS because they are very easy to be trusted; the performance of their people and their systems is one of the best that I have encountered from a technology partner. I highly recommend ACS for wireless network infrastructure projects and solutions.” (Surabaya, 2019)

Mr. Widarso

ICT Manager, Sekolah Ciputra

“ACS Group is a truly versatile partner that provides the best-in-class solution and information. In addition to helping us with a custom RFID project, ACS Group also developed the hardware component of our I.T. infrastructure and enterprise supply chain. We also like their AUTO-ID Buletin, a Quarterly publication on their unique technologies. PT Showa Indonesia Manufacturing finds the Buletin as the most trust-worthy source of information on AIDC (auto-identification & data capture) technologies.” (Jakarta, 2019)

Mr. Alfi Ibrahim

Assitant Manager Logistics, PT Showa Indonesia Manufacturing

“PT Solusi Periferal (ACS Group) was very professional and rose up to the challenge to deliver the project on-time for the launch of our brand new hotel COMO Uma Canggu. The ACS Sales and Engineers went above and beyond than what was required. We are very satisfied with the overall result and are glad to have the very-best networking infrastructure available. With Solusi Periferal, we really maximized our products for the guests’ satisfaction.” (Bali, 2019)

Mr. Armika Jaya

Director of Information Technology, COMO Hotels & Resort

“ACS Group has been providing us with the right enterprise solutions to manage our nation-wide sales channel and warehouse supply chain for the past 10 years. We continued to work together because of the professionalism and integrity of ACS Group. They are an expert in enterprise mobility solutions and wireless networking infrastructure.” (Bali, 2019)

Mr. Eka Anandita Krisyunanta

IT Manager, BOARDRIDERS Indonesia

“PT Solusi Periferal (ACS Group) not only provides suitable products but also the right solution for wireless infrastructure at Dunex Warehouse. With the implementation of the wireless network in our warehouse, asset tracking became faster, while inventory accuracy is maintained at high levels. This creates a positive impact to Dunex's internal operations and of course to our customers. Solusi Periferal also provided state-of-the-art surveillance system to secure our valuable premises.” (Jakarta, 2019)

Mr. David Jonathan

IT Infrastructure Chief, PT Dunia Express Transindo

“Aqua is one of Indonesia’s most well known brands. Behind its quality and history is a supply chain that is supported by advanced technology. ACS Group has supported PT Tirta Investama (Aqua) with the professional skill-sets that enable our company to test, implement and scale new tools that will optimize our operations and grow our business even further. I recommend ACS Group for enterprise barcode and mobility solutions.” (Jakarta, 2019)

Mr. Rizal Sadono

Jugs Operation Manager, PT Tirta Investama

“ACS Group enabled Kamadjaja Logistics’ digital transformation. With their innovative solutions, ACS Group took part in Kamadjaja’s growth and automation. ACS Group is more than just a supplier, they are our trusted solution partner.” (Jakarta, 2018)

Mr. Deden Anugrah

VP ICT, PT Kamadjaja Logistics

“PT Solusi Periferal (ACS Group) provided excellent professional services by implementing our latest wireless IT infrastructure in our hotel. We are very impressed by their quality of execution and maintenance. The number of IT complaints decreased and the level of guests’ satisfaction increased dramatically.” (Surabaya, 2018)

Mr. Sapta Wibawa

IT Manager, J.W. Marriott Hotel Surabaya

"Barcode technology is a great solution to increase operational visibility and supply-chain productivity"

Mr. Julius

IT Manager, Enseval

"Auto-identification (barcode, rfid) decreases human error and increases volume"

Mr. Said

IT Head Division, JNE

“To provide uninterrupted engagement with and for our guests, we needed a system that would guarantee 24/7 connectivity with the WiFi network available in all guest areas”

Mr. Sulaiman

IT Manager, Double-Six Luxury Hotel

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