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Aruba Networks Airwave

Aruba Networks Airwave

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Aruba Networks
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Aruba AirWave is a powerful and easy-to-use network operations system that not only manages wired and wireless infrastructure from Aruba and a wide range of third-party manufacturers, but also provides granular visibility into devices, users and applications on the network. With unprecedented insight and centralized control to effectively manage global enterprise infrastructures, AirWave lets IT organizations proactively optimize network performance, strengthen wireless security and improve the end-user experience. The hardware platforms are designed and tested to run AirWave, to ensure compatibility and performance. Two available models are: Pro version supporting up to 1,500 managed devices and Enterprise version supporting up to 4,000 managed devices. Government-grade, agency-validated information assurance validations including FIPS 140-2 (Certificate #2577). Support advanced firmware image upgrades with features such as enforcing certified versions by group, splittingup image downloads and reboot processes, as well as support for scheduling of firmware upgrades or change configurations to occur during off hours. Aruba AirWave is single management interface for multiple generations of devices. Support autonomous, controller-managed and mesh APs, including outdoor Aruba AirMesh. It's an monitor wired edge devices using standard MIB data. Generate reports on wired port utilization for capacity planning.

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