Welcome to Industry 4.0!

    The industrial internet of things (IiOT) plays a major role in Industrial Revolution 4.0 and we are ready to partner with customers who are willing to push the boundaries of automation. Using our state-of-the-art cloud infrastructure and industrial sensors portfolio, our enterprise business solutions (EBS) team is ready to deliver IOT solutions tailored to your business. Please contact your nearest ACS Group Branch to submit your inquiry.

    Smart Supply Chain Solution

    Productivity is a global language, and the challenge to continuously realize gains year-after-year is universal. Over time, Roambee covered several of the myths about Real-time shipment tracking, asset & condition monitoring over the land, sea and air, and also how to add Real-time shipment tracking solutions you already have GPS in place.

    The Benefits

    • Simple To Use : Set and use. Everything is already prepared for you, you only need to use it.
    • Improve Visibility : With real-time data feed, you are better informed and thus, better in making decision.
    • Centralised Control : All information are automatically feed to Honeycomb control center so you can have the overall view of all activities.
    • Long Lasting Usage : The device comes with highly durable battery where it can last up to 1000 days for daily data sending or up to 90 days for hourly data sending.
    • On-Demand Model : No need to purchase devices. You only pay for how many devices you need and for a period of needed time.
    • Connected Everywhere : The Bee has embedded Global SIM that will keep it connected anywhere around the globe on top of GPS, Wifi, and LBS as alternative connection methods.

    Cooler Management System

    Our Temperature Monitoring System delivers a cost-effective , automated way to provide temperature value and critical value information of environmentally assets and environments.  Our solution suitable for Warehouse Monitoring, Cold Storage, Food & Beverage, Medical & Pharmaceutical, Residential & Commercial Real Estate. You can access the information by desktop application and mobile application.


    • Cloud-based Application and Database.
    • Automated cooler / asset monitoring that requires the application of temperature spacing in a disciplined manner
    • Provide precise / accurate temperature
    • User-interfase web-based shows location and temperature on the map
    • Historical dan real-time reports (on-demand or scheduled) and exportable to Excel/PDF/HTML
    • Notification mechanisms (alarms) that can be set via SMS, e-mail or pop-up messages on the computer.
    • Easy-to-read reports and graphs for official reports

    Solution Benefits

    • Take notes of field results and create reports automatically for operational compliance
    • Make it easier on monitoring process and secure database result accurately
    • Decreasing issues towards cooler system and assets that are critical with total awareness
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